Why We Work

Supporting Local

TOMCO's commitment to give back is ingrained in our culture and is one of our 3 key values.

As TOMCO continues to grow, so does our work in the community.  In addition to monetary donations, we are involved locally by donating our time, talent and resources to local causes. 

Past initiatives have included bagging items at local food banks and hosting food drives.  Additionally, we've partnered with local law enforcement to provide lock boxes to seniors for emergency services access.  

Donating to the local animal shelter was by far our most enjoyable activity and one of our greatest local accomplishments.  It was amazing to help such a terrific group and to see all the adorable fluffers!  Equally important, we were able to get almost everything on their wish list.  This earned us a letter from the city thanking us for our support and hard work.

TOMCO food bank
Commitment To Give Back

Causes That Matter

We take all social responsibility seriously but there is one program that is closest to our hearts. To impact the causes that are most personal to our team, we donate quarterly to employee nominated charities . 

Thus, the organizations we support are as diverse as we are and have one common theme; to bring about social change. 

We've contributed to exciting and fun programs that support wellness, education, the arts and cultural institutions.  We have also had the privilege to share in personal causes like autism awareness, testicular cancer, homes for children and families recovering from disaster. 

Ethical Workplace Standards

TOMCO is committed to ethical labor practices.  Accordingly, the advancement of our team members is also one of our 3 key values

We honor this commitment through continuing education, frequent constructive reviews, cross-training and peer driven training.

However, true social responsibility starts from within.  Therefore, we treat our team fairly, with respect and dignity, and value their work. 

Specifically, we enable growth opportunities, provide fair compensation, have flexible schedules and a generous PTO plan. 

We also create a safe and healthy work environment.  For example, we have break areas with creative activities and allow our furry friends in the office! 

In addition, we have quarterly team building events and company functions to promote teamwork and camaraderie as well as a variety of other benefits. 

ethical workplace standards
ethical workplace standards
TOMCO recycling

Environmental Responsibility

Finally, TOMCO practices sustainability throughout our business.  Consequently, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Changes we've made in our office include having a near paperless working environment, switching to mobile work stations and recycling all company waste.  

Additional changes include switching to energy efficient appliances and lighting where possible and increasing driving over flying.  Also, when driving is not possible, we book more non-stop flights.

Connect With Us

If you are looking for a new construction business partner, please contact us by calling 214-390-3295 or emailing us at info@tomcorc.com.