How We Work Safely

At TOMCO, we are committed to safe work environments.  In fact, our top priority is the safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, store teams and the public. 

Therefore, we maintain our sites in the safest way possible while also continually working to improve upon our best practices.

What We Are Doing To Stay Safe

First, we implemented new COVID-19 project guidelines that include a safety orientation and toolbox talks.

We also clearly outline the expectations and responsibilities of all parties both prior to arrival and while on the job. 

Accordingly, we require PPE and OSHA approved first-aid kits at all job sites.

In addition, we are staying up to date on current guidelines and safe practices through continuing education programs and webinars. 

We are also following all newly released OSHA publications and recommendations from the CDC.

Things We Require

We require a safety orientation with all workers the first day of each project and any new workers on their first day.

In addition, we require all subcontractors to sign and acknowledge our COVID-19 guidelines.  The guidelines clearly ouline their responsibilities for their employees prior to arrival.

Things We Have

We have an in-house safety manager and safety program.

In addition, we a safety manual included in our operations manual that must be reviewed and signed by all TOMCO employees.

We also have regular discussions with our office and field teams that promote and enforce best practices.

Safety Through Conversation and Education

We will stay informed by requesting regular feedback from our superintendents, subcontractors and project managers about ideas they have to improve project safety.

In addition, we will continue to educate our office staff through monthly safety meetings and training.

Last, we will continue to require weekly, superintendent led job site safety meetings on topics applicable to the project scopes.

Connect With Us

Finally, we will stay safe by keeping our field teams and office staff educated and through the enforcement of strict safety practices with our subcontractors.

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