Subcontractor Qualifications

TOMCO retail construction works nationwide with some of the largest retailers in the country. Furthermore, we are partnership focused and, as a result, have relationships with our clients and subcontractors that span decades. 

However, we are always looking for new local, qualified subcontractor partners. See below for information about the benefits of working with TOMCO and our subcontractor qualification process.

Benefits of Working with TOMCO

In addition to a partnership focused business relationship, other benefits of working with TOMCO include:

Accessibility.  We are hands-on and available when you are working on our projects.

Fairness. We do not engage in bid shopping or other unethical bidding practices.

Loyalty.  Once you are a preferred subcontractor in your market, all future bidding shall be negotiated and not competitively bid.

Prompt Pay

Next, we frequently hear from subcontractors that national contractors do not pay fairly or ask for additional or repeat documents in order to avoid payment. 

Therefore, to avoid create trust with our business partners, we have transparent and straightforward billing processes.

For example, we pay using standard, net 30 payment terms.

*As typical, note that written pre-approval is required for all change order work.

Flexible Pay

Unsurprisingly, our best subcontractors are small business owners.  Accordingly, we understand that all situations are different. 

Therefore, we offer quick pay discounts for payments as quickly as next day under the following conditions:

First, scope is completed with no go-back items and invoice is approved by your project manager.

Second, quick pay discount must be reflected as a line item on the invoice.

*Preferred subcontractors are not required to give discount for quick pay.*

Mandatory Requirements

Licenses applicable to projects in the state and jurisdiction you are bidding work

General Liability Insurance with limits to be determined by project

Workers Compensation Insurance

Proposals must be on company letterhead and include business contact information, a detailed description of services and a contact person.

Invoices are required for payment and must be sent to

Retail construction experience

Current W-9

Ability to execute projects off-hours

Commitment to follow all safety procedures as outlined in our safety manual, discussed in our toolbox talks and our COVID-19 guidelines.

Contact Us For More Information

Last, to be considered for future bidding opportunities or to start the process of subcontractor qualification, please fill out the following Qualification Questionnaire OR contact us at

Qualification Questionnaire