What We Want

The TOMCO goal is to provide fair pricing, quality workmanship and service.  Specifically, we strive for consistent, quality turnovers while keeping our clients happy throughout the process. 

In addition, we don't want to be the biggest, we want to be the best.  Therefore, we don't want to partner with every retailer. We want to be great long-term partners with the retailers we work with.

TOMCO tenant improvement, remodel

How We Make It Happen

As a result, 'Constructing Tomorrow' is not just part of our name; it's ingrained in our culture. 

To achieve our goals, we operate using a two-fold approach. 

TOMCO tenant improvement, remodel, goal

Step One

We get to know the brands we work with. 

TOMCO knows that understanding your business partners is critical to the construction process. 

Therefore, we immerse ourselves with the brand elements, procedures and expectations specific to each of our clients.

TOMCO tenant improvement, remodel, goal

To achieve this, we provide a constructive work environment that supports positive client relationships. 

Also, we eliminate obstacles that separate our team from our owner partners.  For example, our project coordinators, project managers and superintendents are all hands-on and client facing.

As a result, all TOMCO team members have equal roles in the client relationship. Therefore, you'll never find a title in our email signatures.

Step Two

We are committed to being masters of our niche. 

We excel at open store, phased remodels. However, true mastery is the result of a dedicated team that understands the remodeling process as well as a strong base of subcontractors experienced with this work.

To support our team, we have an engaging corporate culture that focuses on the continued advancement of all members.

TOMCO tenant improvement, remodel

For example, our mentorship program reinforces skill sets in a way that is consistent and scalable.  Each person is always being cross-trained by others who either have more experience with that exact position or in the next highest skill set.  Consequently, our team is always growing professionally and creating leaders in the process.

In addition, we use ethical business practices with our subcontractors and provide them with the tools they need to be successful in achieving our common goals.

TOMCO tenant improvement, remodel

How We Will Continue to Make it Happen

Not surprisingly, long term relationships have been key to TOMCO's creation and continued success.

Likewise, we have a forward thinking approach and believe continued success is achieved through meaningful connections, honesty and integrity. 

TOMCO referrals

As a result of this approach, the founders Jennifer Erickson, Tom Motschull and Anne Sauber have strong working relationships in the retail construction industry that span over 25+ years. 

Consequently, we don't employ a sales or marketing staff.  In fact, to date, all of our business has been 100% referral based.

Connect With Us

Finally, on-boarding a new general contractor or construction manager is a time consuming investment.  Therefore, we we take new opportunities seriously and are committed to being a strong investment in the futures of our business partners. 

We are confident the quality of our team and industry knowledge would be beneficial to your projects and programs.  To give us the opportunity to show you, click here.