Construction Management

Construction Management

TOMCO construction project management services are focused in the retail, hospitality, restaurant, and healthcare industries. 

Our primary specialties are major, closed and open store remodels, white box build-outs and facilities programs.

We built our CPM program by combining two strengths and perspectives:

First, our TOMCO project managers effectively communicate with other contractors and vendors because we have decades of general contracting experience.  Therefore, we can successfully create and control budgets and schedules through collective collaboration.

In addition,TOMCO construction managers have previously worked directly for the country’s largest brands AND in our contracting division, making them a powerful force in the CPM arena.

Therefore, we know first hand how invasive a project can be to onsite teams and on day to day operations.  Accordingly, our project managers work to balance progress and comfort, making project execution as smooth and as efficient as possible.

Client Benefits

Our primary focus is keeping your business running and your employees and customers happy.  We achieve this through strong partnerships built on a client-first foundation. 

Also, we can perform on both sides of the aisle.  Consequently, our project managers deliver knowledgeable and concise information enabling your project managers to make highly educated decisions on the items that most affect your projects.

Connect With Us

Finally, we know right-sizing construction teams can sometimes be an impossible task.  Therefore, we are dedicated to understanding your brand so we can flow in and out seamlessly, when you need us.  

In conclusion, if you are looking for a new construction business partner, please contact us by calling 214-390-3295 or emailing us at