General Contracting Services

Our clients require multiple services to create, maintain and renovate their spaces.  To meet those needs, TOMCO offers general contracting services to cover a broad spectrum of scopes and project sizes. Continue reading to learn more about what we do  or check out our construction management services.

Interior Build-Out

No two spaces or projects are created equal.  The interior build out of existing spaces present unique challenges that cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all attitude.  Consequently, project success is dependent on the ability to recognize and adapt to specific project and site conditions while maintaining schedules and budgets.

Our team excels at this process. However, consistent execution is not always an easy task.  Having turned over hundreds of move-in ready spaces nationally, our project management team knows how to navigate local requirements and subcontractors, permitting and logistics so projects are executed at the same level of quality everywhere in the country. 

Major Remodels and Tenant Improvement

Major remodels require special attention to scheduling, coordination and communication to execute with consistent success.  Our goal is to turn over beautiful and functional spaces while minimizing the stress of on-site teams.  We accomplish this by using knowledgeable project managers, coordinators, superintendents and subcontractors experienced with these types of projects.

Open Store Remodels

Open store remodels are a unique form of remodeling.  Consequently, most national contractors do not have the desire or skill set to execute them.  However, this type of remodeling is our specialty.  TOMCO has relationships nationally with subcontractors who do this fast-paced construction on both day and night schedules. 

TOMCO knows communication and phasing are critical to both keep the project moving and the store teams happy.  Additionally, we understand the vital role the store team has in the construction process and we develop our schedules in a way that incorporates both goals.

Specialty Services

TOMCO's client-first and partnership-driven approach has made us a trusted business partner for many of our retailers.  Accordingly, we've had the opportunity to participate in various prototype and specialty store projects over a spectrum of trades.  To stay highly flexible and respond quickly to changes and requests, our clients have entrusted us with the freedom to communicate freely between architects, the owner's rep, vendors and the field.

TOMCO's other specialty services include closings, relocations, consolidations, roll-outs and programs.

Connect With Us

Finally, on-boarding a new general contractor or construction manager is a time consuming investment.  Therefore, we we take new opportunities seriously and are committed to being a strong investment in the futures of our business partners. 

If you are looking for a new construction business partner for general contracting services, please contact us by calling 214-390-3295 or emailing us at